KSS-104 Complete Rear Suspension Kit


“Kiwi Signature Series” With so much depending on your car why settle for inferior un tested parts that you know will only let you down. Get quality, real parts and a Complete Package that is race tested, and race proven, will take whatever you can throw at it, and all at a Great price! from guys who are in the game that you know and trust.
Our proud signature-
“We only sell what we race”

All these parts are built using spherical rodends (spherical “uniball” bearings in the LCA) with track-grade, self-lubricating Teflon lined bearings these parts have zero maintenance. Fully rebuildable for dependable use whether you’re just city driving or tearing around the track in a time attack challenge. Get Superior control, superior life and superior performance.

We even provide an adjustment tool to make those minor adjustments easier.


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